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G3 Ponies 2003-2005
I started collecting the G3 Ponies in 2003, and a have pretty good collection started. But because of the overwhelming amount of new ponies and variations being released, I soon burned out. I ran out of patience, time, space and couldn't see spending the money. So by the spring of 2005, I called it quits. And have not updated this site since. I did decide to put it back up on the web for other pony fans to enjoy -- but it's far from complete, and I will not be completing it. I know, I own a lot of the Spring 2005, that are not pictured here, but I don't think I'll have the time to take pictures of them, sad to say all the ponies are packed up in storage boxes and may never see the light of day.
Disney Princess - Spring 2004
"Once Upon A Toy" store in Disney World & Disney World Mail Order
Pinkie Pie
as Cinderella
(Disney Exclusive)
as Belle
(Disney Exclusive)
as Ariel
(Disney Exclusive)
as Aurora
(Disney Exclusive)
Building Playset - Spring 2004
"Once Upon A Toy" store in Disney World & Disney World Mail Order
Cotton Candy Café
w/ Meadowbrook, Sparkleworks, and Star Swirl
(Toy R Us / Once Upon A Toy Exclusives*)
* The playset is also a Toys R US Exclusive and can also be seen on the building page.
Build Your Own Pony - Fall 2004
"Once Upon A Toy" store in Disney World - Only
????? Choose the pony* and accessories to fill a Exclusive box.
* Ponies to choose from at that time were
Perfectly Ponies - Fall 2004: Golden Delicious, Piccolo, Spring Parade, Cinnamon Breeze
(pictured to show pony, not packaging)

Last content update March, 15 2005
(there are no plans for future updates, just reposting the site)

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