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G3 Ponies 2003-2005
I started collecting the G3 Ponies in 2003, and a have pretty good collection started. But because of the overwhelming amount of new ponies and variations being released, I soon burned out. I ran out of patience, time, space and couldn't see spending the money. So by the spring of 2005, I called it quits. And have not updated this site since. I did decide to put it back up on the web for other pony fans to enjoy -- but it's far from complete, and I will not be completing it. I know, I own a lot of the Spring 2005, that are not pictured here, but I don't think I'll have the time to take pictures of them, sad to say all the ponies are packed up in storage boxes and may never see the light of day.
Welcome to ponyriot.jemmagic.com
2014 Update ...
I watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic religiously, but have shied away from collecting. Since I’m a big fan of the show, I was more than willing to blog about the Aurora’s licensed My Little Pony plush, when I was given the opportunity. And they are gorgeous. I love the glitter factor -- all the ponies shimmer, sparkle and shine. The embroidery of the eyes and Cutie Mark is impeccable.
  • Aurora sent me clip-ons of all 6 ponies: Princess Twilight Sparkle Clip-On (Item #15608), Pinkie Pie Clip-On (Item #15607), Rainbow Dash Clip-On (Item #15606), Rarity Clip-On (Item #15610), Applejack Clip-On (Item #15609) and Fluttershy Clip-On (Item #15611)
  • Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark (Item #15519) plush purse with plush -- with her Cutie Mark embroidery on one side of the purse and her name embroidery on the other. Rainbow Dash also has her Cutie Mark and even the My Little Pony logo stamped on her right front hoof.
  • And the Pinkie Pie-10" Standing (Item #15511) and Princess Twilight Sparkle-10" Seated (Item #15541) plush puts the biggest smile on my face – I just see the personality form the show come out through these plush. They also have glittery fabric manes, embroidered Cutie Marks and the MLP hoof print – completely official :)

"Gifts of Smiles" is Aurora’s tagline, and I think that this a perfect fit. Because these MLP put a smile on my face -- I know they would put a smile on the face of any My Little Pony fan (even Bronies) who receives any one of them as a gift or collects them all.

More pictures and an official page will be coming soon …

2003 is the 20th year of Pony. As we move into the 21st year of My Little Pony, it has become the most popular girls toy of all time. To Celebrate the 20th anniversary of My Little Pony, Hasbro put out a 3rd generation of ponies, the style is closer to the 1st generation then the unsuccessful 2nd generation.

I was never interested in My Little Pony until 2003. I like the ponies, but what I find more interesting is the way they are marketed and distributed. They seem to be making it difficult to collect every pony from each collection. With store exclusives and country exclusives, it is impossible to know where to get that one last pony you need...or the version of her you want. So that just means that I'll have to get everyone. Which I'm well on my way...

This image was added Jan. 19, 2004 ... since then the ponies have taken over a whole wall and are stacking up all around my room.

All date are based on Hasbro's Official releases, toys might come out earlier or later then what I have listed.


Last content update March, 15 2005
(there are no plans for future updates, just reposting the site)

This page updated March 2, 2014

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